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Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just another word for the internet. Everything is done over the internet or it is not considered the “Cloud Computing”. Cloud computing can be done from anywhere anytime all you need is an internet connection. Your hard drive is built into your computer and is a physical piece of hardware you can visually see. When you run programs or store data from the hard-drive it is called the local storage. Everything from the hard drive is close to you, when you need to access data it is quick and simple. There are different types of cloud computing. First Software as a Service (SaaS) this is where you provide a given application to multiple users usually used in Human resources and enterprise resource planning of companies. This service is responsible for delivery of all software and hardware resources available in the cloud to the user or client. The user just logs into the web application and uses the services offered this is maintained by the SaaS. With this service you do not need to install licensed software’s. SaaS is used in work settings where applications have a major need for web or mobile access. Applications where companies and the outside world have a lot of interaction are best used with SaaS. E-mail and a company newsletter would be examples of use of SaaS. CRM is the most popular SaaS application, SaaS is also the best known aspect of cloud computing. SaaS is not the best decision for certain situations where fast processing of real time data is required, or applications where regulations do not permit data to be hosted externally use SaaS. The last instance is where an existing on premise solution fulfills all of the organizations need. Second is Platform as a service (PaaS) this is like SaaS

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