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Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an online platform though which you can store or access your documents anytime from anywhere. A cloud computing user is free of the boundaries of a single specific desktop. It not only let you to store documents or files but also the software needed to access and changes them. Its best-known forms in consumer markets are Amazon “S3” and “Google Docs”, but a large number of companies provide such services for bulk storage and handling of corporate, public service and government data. The theory is that end-users no longer need a complex and expensive computer with ecologically damaging hard drives and CD-DVD players, or memory- and power-hungry local software.

Cloud computing is utility computing or grid computing, or software-as-service or managed service. But the opposite is not true. Of all these concepts, more familiar to the user takes one or several principles, but with their own dynamics there is to know understanding (Bisong & Rahman, 2011). In addition to being influenced by these technologies, as well as trends toward virtualization, automation, massively parallel processing and service orientation, cloud computing is emerging as a result of expectations created by Web 2.0 among users. Recently, Steve Mills, senior vice president and chief executive of the software unit of IBM, Network World noted the role of the new model for the excitement with which people are receiving capabilities and Web 2.0 mashup. "The idea that an application does not exist in a particular place, but can be composed of multiple pieces from multiple sites is owed to the Web 2.0.
A major advantage of cloud computing is that it can access their applications and their files via different terminals (PC, smart phone or tablet) and different connection types (fixed broadband, 3G, WiFi, etc.) (Njeguš & Grubor,...

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