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Cloud Computation Essay

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Cloud Computing for Hotels

InterContinental Hotel Group

By: James Dotts

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Motivating factors for implementing Cloud Computing

What it is, and how it works for them

Barriers and Obstacles

The People who made it happen and what they do now

How it all actually came to be

Major Benefits gained

Lessons Learned



Executive Summary
When I first looked up cloud computing, I though I was onto something that was just now being thought of. I did some subsequent research after and realized that I was wrong. The initial idea of Cloud computing was thought of during the 1960’s while the computer still in its infant stages. IHG is not the first company to adopt cloud computing, and it wont be the last, even though they were almost using it before the programs were written. For IHG to continue to be successful they had to first come up with a strategy to get cloud computing to all of their locations, train the staff, and keep the system up to date and safe from hackers. Cloud computing works through keeping a general storage of information in a constant place and keeps computers from having to store valuable information. As with any new technology, there are going to be roadblocks and barriers from keeping everything going smoothly, however with good planning, and a strong IT presence, the cost and number of problems can be driven down greatly. The people in a company are always what make or break any new system. As long as they are ready and willing to accept the new challenge of learning a new system then they can be learn while still being productive. Major benefits can be obtained by staying on top of the technology market. Such things include being able to do things wirelessly, never having to worry about loosing everything because of computer malfunction, and easier tracking of daily tasks by upper management. Some of the biggest lessons that can be learned from IHG’s conversion to...

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