Clothes to Kids

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Self-esteem is an enormous issue amongst children and young adolescents. Every day kids struggle to feel good about themselves because of how they look, what they wear, or what their family situation is. Because appearance effects the self-esteem of children, Clothes To Kids is a very important foundation to raise money for. Clothes To Kids (CTK) is a major contributor to giving needly, low-income children, clothes. Their main goal is that with their service, they want kids to have better self-esteem. CTK should be supported because of its strong effort, care, and compassion to spread clothes to those in need, and make children feel good about themselves. To begin with, Clothes to Kids is a very critical foundation. In 2002, the foundation was founded by Jode Eye and Marie McClung, and has been steadily growing each year since. In 2012 alone, CTK gave 12,267 wardrobes to school children in Pinellas County, Florida. In total, Clothes To Kids has distributed more than 82,000 wardrobes to school children since opening. The foundation also has two stores that help with receiving donated clothes and give them to the needy. Even Macy’s helped out by making the store have a “department store” look and feel. With over 10,000 square feet shared between the two locations, and the “department store” feel, a cheerful environment was created to help serve those in need of clothes, and give them clothing, free of charge. With all of the clothes that CTK gives to kids, families are definitely relieved, and the self-esteem of the children who wear the clothes is assisted. Undoubtedly, donations play a major role in the Clothes To Kids foundation. 87% of the money given to the charity is spent directly on giving clothing to the children who need it. It only takes Clothes To Kids $50 to give clothing to a child for a whole week. The foundation works by giving clothing to children
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