Clothes is just clothes

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Clothes is just clothes Clothes can reflect many things about a person. They can represent a person's social status, his likes and dislikes, his hopes, dreams, and so on. A quiet person, for example, might like to wear dark colored clothes. An out going person, on the other hand, might prefer to wear bright colored ones. Old people tend to wear traditional clothes, whereas young people might tend to choose fashionable ones. Nowadays, clothes can provide not only the basic functions which I mentioned above, but be a part of rich’s symbol. If you want others think you are rich, buy LV, Gucci, CD etc. But normal person can not afford the price, so what will they do if they don’t want to others look down on them. Very simple, buy a fake one. As a result, some normal clothes which with famous brands will be much expensive. These phenomena reflect people’s vanity. Some rich people only buy stuffs which are extremely expensive. And meanwhile; they won’t give a penny for donation. Because they want to show off how rich they are. Actually, I think they just proved how lack of education they are. In my opinion, these rich people should be shamed for what they did and what they thought. Is that so important for what we wear? No, of course not. What is really important is whether we carrying a loving heart everyday. Let’s focus on more important things such as career, education, family, environment protection, etc, not just care about what I should wear today, shall

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