Clothes Influences the Ways People Behave Essay

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Though clothes have the practical usage of covering our naked bodies, they also bore complicated images that may affect people’s behaviors. I believe that in many situations, people do act differently because of the clothes they are wearing. Furthermore, they will try to live up to the expectations of the others depending on what they wear. Moreover, your clothing represents your social standards. First of all, when people wear uniforms, they tend to behave differently because the uniforms encourage certain behaviors. For example, soldiers who walk around in public wearing their uniforms is more likely to act more respectful and more in control of their actions. Not every soldier is well-mannered all the time, so it must have something to do with the clothes. It should be because soldiers look clean and professional, and the look brings that sort of behavior out of them. I am sure that when they are dressed casually at home or out with their friends, they don’t act like that. However, once they are in their uniforms, the personality of a soldier takes over in order to match their clothes. Furthermore, people do behave differently, depending on the clothes they are wearing in order to match up to the expectations of others. Take a bride in a wedding gown for an example. A wedding is an occasion that requires the bride to act more socialized than she usually might. The average woman wearing her normal casual clothes does not act as elegant or sophisticated as she is wearing a wedding gown. Thus, the wedding dress symbolizes the occasion for more dignified behavior. If the bride acts as she usually does, people will frown upon the behavior, even though it is perfectly fine at any other time. While the bride is wearing the wedding dress, she is expected to act like a bride. In addition, clothes also reflect our special national custom and culture. These reminds root
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