Closing Arguments For Frankenstein Research Paper

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Frankenstein Closing Arguments Defence In defence of the monster he should be found not guilty because he didn’t know better and he was like a wild animal that was cornered it will try anything to be free. Yes he did kill the people but from the beginning of his life/existence he was abandoned by his creator. So this is the only way he knows of to get things from people. Also his appearance is not the most eye pleasing so people tried to kill him/harm him which made him feel unwanted all because of his appearance. So how would this make you feel? All he ever wanted was to be accepted/loved by someone/thing just like any other human. He gave people many chances to hear him out but he was never given a chance so he decided to punish his creator for not accepting him and for all the hardships he went…show more content…
So you try to survive by yourself out in the woods but any person you come across tries to kill you or runs away. Then save a child in doing so putting your life in danger then you get shot by another person. After a while this would start to drive you insane and make you do crazy things right? Then you form a plan in your head that if there was another person/creature like you that the two of you could live happy together because you would be the same so you would accept each other. So you ask you creator to do this and he agrees to do this for you if you leave him alone forever after wards so you agree. You get your hope up because he starts to make another creature like you then one night he destroys it which destroys any chance you had at having a happy life. So what would you do your one hope of having a happy life is over and you have nothing to lose and all you want now is revenge. What would you do in this situation? You would probably to make your creator feel what your feeling now wouldn’t
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