Closeness of My Family

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Running head: MODULE 1 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT Module 1 Homework Assignment Student Name: Author Note This paper was prepared for English 105, Module 1 Homework Assignment taught by Instructor. The Closeness of My Family Family is the cement the mends your entire life and keeps you sane. Some may even argue that without family you are nothing. Personally, my family has always been very close and enjoys spending time together. We have been there for one another throughout our lives; I honestly cannot remember a time that we did not get along. Though we have not always lived in the same state, my family remained close; our closeness is proven through our growing up, family time, and a painful on-going tragedy. I grew up most of my life in a single parent home with 2 siblings. My mom did a great job raising the three of us even though at times it was a struggle for her. My mom was an independent women who worked full-time, keep our family close, dinner on the table and supported each of us any way she could. Through the years of watching her as we grew into teenagers we gained our own independence around the house, at school and our personal lives. When learning to be independent at an early age it taught us to be successful in our personal and professional lives by making good decisions and working hard towards our goals. Growing up was not always easy, we moved around a lot which meant we went to a new school every year. We knew we could survive having each other around for comfort. Over 28 years ago my step father’s job transferred us to Southern Indiana. My mom and I talked to my sister and brother every week, if not every day. We would make plans to meet at a half-way point which was about a 3.5 hour drive, stay the night at a hotel, have dinner and spend time talking. As the years

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