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Close Reading Résumé The foundation of this poem connects to the realization of suicide. Therefore, in this little eight-line poem there is a deep, clear understanding of how someone has tried different methods to suicide. The poem begins saying, “Razors pain you,” meaning when an individual uses razors to cut any part on their body, the pain sticks with you days after. Cuts do not automatically heal, they take time. The cuts will always be there and the pain can be unbearable. Line 3 says, “Acids stain you,” which is describing the after effects that acid can have once in contact with any part of your body and or clothes. The speaker may be referring to the scars left after having acid in contact with their body. The next line says, “And drugs cause cramp,” this line is referring to the pain felt in your body when overdosing on drugs. When having multiple drugs enforced in the body, your body begins to eject that content which may cause cramping. Your entire body can begin cramping and causing pain because there is an unknown substance in the body that needs to be ejected. The following line proceeds to say, “Nooses give,” meaning when one is trying to hang their self, if the right materials aren’t in place the rope is easier to break, making the suicide attempt a failure. Lastly line 7 exclaims, “Gas smells awful,” referring to the bitter, strong smell that gas gives off. The strong smell makes it almost impossible to inhale. The very last stanza ends the poem saying, “You might as well live,” in my understandings, someone has tried seven different suicide methods and each has failed due to the after effect that is unbearable for them to live with. It may also be that taking their own life is not in their destiny. The title of this poem is used as a pun on the word “resume.” The definition of a resume is a brief account of one's professional or work

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