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1. What disciplinary rules did the organization have? Disciplinary rules of University Of Adelaide, Australia DISCIPLINE HEAD POLICY 1. OVERVIEW Discipline Heads are appointed within a multi-disciplinary School of the Faculty to provide academic leadership within the relevant discipline. The Discipline Head reports to the Head of School. 2. SCOPE The pool of candidates eligible for election as Discipline Head will normally be drawn from tenured members of the Discipline who have the status of Senior Lecturer or above and are employed at least 0.8 time by the University. Professors are eligible for election whether or not they are tenured and Professors will usually make themselves available as candidates for election. 3. POLICY PRINCIPLES 3.1 The process for appointing a Discipline Head to a School will be an election. The process is outlined in the Discipline Head Guidelines. 3.2 Term of Office 3.2.1 The Discipline Head may be appointed for a period of up to three (3) years. 3.1.2 The Executive Dean may withdraw the Discipline Head from the role at any time subject to due reason. 3.3 Role of the Head of School 3.3.1 Before the election of a Discipline Head, the Head of School in consultation with the Executive Dean will give all staff members of the Discipline details of the: • Goals, duties, responsibilities and characteristics required of the incoming Discipline Head as contained in the Role Statement; • Responsibility loading and resources to be made available to the incoming Discipline Head, if applicable; • General basis on which the performance of the Discipline Head will be assessed. 3.3.2 The Head of School advises the Executive Dean of the preferred candidate. 3.3.3 If there is no eligible candidate or there is not approval of 2/3rd of those who formally indicate the acceptability of the candidate after consulting members of

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