Close Language In Journey's End

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Briefly introduce: the play; the setting; the specific scene; the concept of close language analysis Journey End is a play set in the world war one during operation Michael 1918 which was an unsuccessful mission. At the beginning of the scene it has a calm atmosphere; the soldiers are drinking tea and this atmosphere seems to continue even when they find out about the raid there is no sense of real emergency or shock “We’ve got to make a raid tomorrow “ this could be because this is usual procedure for them. Also Trotter starts reciting a song which foreshadowed the upcoming events “Tis only Pa Ran over by a Tram” Sheriff did this to subtly hint to the audience the death of Osborne who was like a father to the soldiers which creates dramatic…show more content…
This portrays that Osborne does not want to ruin Raleigh perception of war which is he believes it is like sport and he is “excited(ly)” about the raid. This shows that Raleigh hasn’t faced the realities of war unlike the other soldiers for example Hibbert. Hibbert in the precious scene displayed a breakdown which shows what war does to a man it traumatises him and how they have to put a brave face on and carry on their duty no matter what and also they don’t want to dishearten young Raleigh by telling him the truth because he is so keen. Trotter refers to Hibbert as “funny” this could be interpreted as Trotter judging Hibbert and believing he is cowardice like many people in that time period would have believer however in this situation I think Trotter is worried for Hibbert and feels empathy towards him To conclude Journeys end is purposely written in a manner that tension is slowly increasing throughout the play however Sheriff includes some comical interludes through the character Mason to show the realism of war that it would go from a lovely tea chat to bombs being fired everywhere. Also Stanhope’s character illustrates the difficulties of war and that alcohol for most people was the only escape of the nightmare they were
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