Cloning Pros Essay

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Cloning is Mathematical! Cloning is the process of creating a copy of a biological entity. In genetics it may refer to the process of making an identical copy of that specific DNA organism. It’s quite possible that our society can benefit from cloning. Whether it is for medical purposes, saving the worlds general population as mentioned in The Children Of Men, or to satisfy the needs of infertile couples. The birth of Dolly the sheep has completely changed the field of genetics and science as a whole. The technology used to create her showed all of us that our cells are not as fragile as we thought. The birth of Dolly made many become more and more curious about cloning and how it can benefit us. Cloning has many benefits. The most talked about one is the possibility of organ replacement. Which may serve as a lifesaver for many individuals. If our vital organs were cloned they would be used as a backup for us. For example if your heart stops beating it may be possible to replace it with that specific cloned organ. Liver failure, we Craver 2 may be able to clone for liver transplant. Kidney failure, we may be able to clone kidneys for kidney transplant. Cloning can also be a substitute for Natural Reproduction. Cloning human beings could also be a solution to infertility. Some day it may even serve as an option for producing children. With cloning you might be able to produce certain traits for that human being. We may even produce children with certain qualities as well. That would technically make a man-made being! Keep in mind that cloning will not result in any monsters or freaks. The DNA is copied during cloning, similar to genetic engineering. Cloning may also benefit researchers in genetics. They will be able to understand how our genes work and the overall effects on human traits. It would also be easier for them to simplify their

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