Cloning and Its Benefits

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Cloning and Its Benefits Cloning is making a copy of life products such as animal, plants, or even human races. Some people oppose cloning idea because they think making a copy of life products is contradictory with the principle of every religion in the world. Many people also think that cloning is an immoral thing to do because cloning modifies people’s life that “God” has given to us. In other words, cloning is playing “God”. “In a Zogby America poll of 1,201 adults, 58.5% said they believe cloning is immoral and wrong compared with 35.6% who said they think cloning would
be extraordinary way to cure disease and provide transplants”( People also do not agree with the cloning idea because we will lose the diversity of genes, “cause unbalance to the society” (, and more. Despite all of these facts, the technology of cloning could also bring many benefits to human races. One of the benefits from the technology of cloning is infertile women, who cannot conceive children, can have their own children now. “Human cloning could make it possible for many more infertile couples to have children than ever before possible” ( Scientists just need women’s fetus and put DNA from men, whom the women desire to have children with, inside their fetus. Furthermore, with this cloning technology, women can also ask scientists to create their own children with certain characteristics. For instance, they can ask scientists to enhance their babies in vision and hearing, extreme intelligence, or even create a supermodel’s body. Besides that, with this cloning technology, scientists can also guarantee that they can clone a healthy baby who is free from the risks of genetic diseases. For example, scientists could eliminate all the diseases that are caused by genes such as cancer,
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