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Cloning Essay

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Michael Callahan
March 26, 2012
Mr. Storch
Cloning: How It’s Done and Whether It Should Be
      I first became interested in cloning when my friend Thomas, who has a knack for knowing things that you will probably never need to know, told me about the first ever cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep. Until that day in fifth grade, I had believed in the idea of cloning like I had believed in the idea of the tooth fairy or leprechauns, it was impossible, and didn’t exist. What I had learned in my extensive eleven years of age, through movies, books and television, was that cloning was dangerous work and often led to the demise of the cloner. So, naturally, the idea that animals could be cloned, and had already been cloned, sent my head reeling. However, being the busy fifth grader that I was, I simply accepted cloning as a fact, and never bothered to find out how it was done. Until now, faced with the challenge of writing eight pages of information, I decided to pick cloning as my topic. I knew that I had to pick something that interested me, because If I didn’t, then I would get bored with my topic, and my paper wouldn’t be of the quality that I want it to be. So, five years later, I am finally delving deep into the interesting topic of cloning, and learning everything that I can about it. Every fact I discover and every page I turn heightens my interest of cloning, and trust me when I say that I am truly excited to be writing this paper.
            The abstract idea of making an exact replica of a live organism, a clone, is no longer only a topic of science fiction movies, because with modern day technology and genetic discoveries, it is possible to make a clone, be it a cat, cow, mammoth, or even human. But how would it be done? What could the side effects be? What positive influence could it have in daily life? Should we be cloning at all? These are the questions that have plagued the minds of biologists and many others for years, and most of them have been...

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