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Misbah Misbah Sr.Farah Research report on cloning November 24, 2013 Cloning Cloning is the technique that is used to make identical genetic copies of organisms, that’s the reason why cloning is similar to asexual reproduction. The first cloning was successfully done on a sheep named Dolly in 1996. Later on in history scientists began to clone other animals such as pigs and mice. Humans are also able to be cloned but in 1997 President Clinton banned human cloning due to many risk factors, but till today many other animals are being cloned. Cloning can cost thousands of dollars due to the expensive process. To preform cloning you need two organisms, organism A and organism B. First the nucleus from parent organism A's cell is removed. The nucleus has a complete set of genetic information from the original organism A. Another organism "B" is used to carry the clone. The nucleus of carrier "B" is removed from the egg cell. The nucleus from organism A is now inserted into the egg cell of the nucleus of carrier "B". The egg in organism B now contains 100% genetic information from organism A. If the new egg cell in organism B develops into an offspring it will have all the genetic information of organism A. Thus the offspring will be a clone of organism A because it donated original nucleus that was planted into organism B. Cloning has been accomplished with this process on mice, pig, sheep and many other organisms. Over the last 50 years, scientists have conducted cloning experiments in a wide range of animals using a variety of techniques. In 1979, researchers produced the first genetically identical mice by splitting mouse embryos in the test tube and then implanting the resulting embryos into the wombs of adult female mice. Shortly after that, researchers produced the first genetically identical cows, sheep and chickens by transferring the nucleus of a

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