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Can you imagine watching a baseball game where all nine New York Yankees players were Derek Jeter? The game would be very interesting but unfair to watch. You could only see so many clones in science fiction novels or movies such as Star Wars. Although these fictional films are only for entertainment, the advanced science technology has made human cloning possible now. In medical term, cloning is a “method of reproduction used to copy a cell or an individual (producing a clone) from their DNA. Except when there are errors or mutations during copying, a clone is genetically identical to the original: it has the same DNA” (“ISSUES • CLONING, STEM CELL RESEARCH”). In 1950s, the first frog was successfully cloned and proved the possibility of human cloning. The first cloned frog had startled many scientists from all over the countries. Robert Briggs and Thomas J. King cloned the first animal cloning, northern leopard frogs. Since the cloning of frogs, scientists started studying the structure of DNA and started their way up to cloning animals. They achieved to clone several animals through Roslin and Honolulu technique; however, they face with religious, human dignity, and etc. problems to clone human nature. In Scotland, 1996, group of scientists at Roslin Institute has successfully cloned a first mammal sheep named “Dolly”. In 1997, the first cloned mammal was announced throughout the world which surprised everyone. “Her birth was a great milestone in the history of science and a watershed event in the evolution of the science of cloning. For the first time, there was living, empirical evidence to substantiate the long-held belief that it is possible to clone animals and, potentially, human beings” (“Buchanan”). Many scientists from all over the world were startled and more scientists showed interest in gaining the knowledge of cloning and possibly devote themselves

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