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Clockwork Orange Analysis

  • Submitted by: taylormawdsley
  • on October 2, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Should Time Be Made For A Clockwork Orange?
          Alex DeLarge is a young boy with an extremely mature mind. Being only fifteen years old and already heading off to fourteen years in the Staja 84F for murder, Alex truly is a veteran juvenile delinquent. From rape to theft to brutal beatings and everything in between; Alex and his droogs have gladly been a part of it all. One gloomy night on the streets of England, Alex, Dim, Pete, and Georgie decide to sneak in to a rich old womans house. But little does Alex know his so called “loyal droogs” have set him up. As he is running out of the house with stolen goods in hand, he is beaten by one of his own men as the police pull up to catch him lying helpless in front of the house and in the background hearing the poor old woman inside beaten and screaming. Alex was originally arrested for breaking and entering but soon after arriving to the prison was informed that the old woman he had beaten died of her injuries. He has already served two years of his grueling sentence when he first heard about Ludovico’s technique. It was said that this technique would change the most criminal human being into a model citizen in just under a fortnight. Intrigued, Alex asked the prisons Charlie (Minister) if he would put in a good word for him so he could be the next to have the “easy way” out of prison. He knew this method of treatment would change his life: but not at all in the way it was about to. After being injected with what he was told were vitamins, Alex was shown a series of films. However these were not the kind of films any person would like to see. He was shown violent rape scenes, murders, Jewish concentration camps, and clips from the Second World War. Normally he would love to see such horrible ultra-violent things but for some reason he couldn’t fight off this awful feeling he had. It started just as nausea but progressed to the most unbearable sickness he had ever felt. He soon discovered that what he had been...

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