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I. Introduction The strategic direction of the company is based primarily on the capabilities of the organisation and the demands of the market. This is reflected from numerous organisational studies pertaining to strategic management. The following discussions shall analyse the strategic direction of the respondent companies. The discussions shall be provided with the help of graphs and tables to summarize the findings of the study. II. The initial strategic direction chosen for the firm The company initially is in a good standing with regards to its status in the market. During the initial periods, the company took on consumer marketing initiatives which were considerably effective. The company used regional corporate advertising which took on $80M to implement. Other forms of marketing used include public relations which amount to $8M and Direct Mail which summed to $2M. III. Decisions made during the course of the simulation There were several decisions made during the course of the simulation. This is triggered by the decline manifested by the net income in the industry. Table 2. Net Income in millions for industry In the table above, it shows that the periods prior to period 8 has consistently spiralling down. This is the major reason why some of the decisions were made during the simulation. One decision is to maintain status quo in firm decisions pertaining to B-Genius, B-catuta2008, and other vehicles like Becks, Boffo, Boss, and Buzzy. However, there is a significant change in the context of B-mouna as the company has taken steps to launch it in the market. The company decided that the launch will push through regardless if the marketing decisions are not complete. Added to this set of decision is the decision of the company to stop manufacturing of any more B-mouna vehicles. Apparently, the company is reducing the inventory of the product and

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