Cliques, What are they Good fore? Essay

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Greg Brunet Sociology Ralston-Coley 5 April 2009 What’s Behind a Clique? High school is one of the most emotionally unstable roller coasters for young adults. Students are pushed harder to do well in school but are also pushed to be accepted in a social aspect. This can create an environment that is hard even for the most balanced and well rounded students. Today in high schools across the country and around the world there are many “cliques” that place the children into categories based on what they wear, how they act, and how popular they are. On a child’s first day of high school they can unknowingly be placed in a “clique” just for knowing the answers to the teacher’s questions. Cliques in high school are dangerous to students because of the hierarchy they produce among fellow students and can potentially lead to suicide, dropouts, or mental breakdowns resulting in shootings. There are many kinds of stereotypes at high schools but jocks, geeks, preps, and goths are the most predominant of all of the clicks. But just because a student is a jock and is well liked by other students does this mean that the student will be treated differently by teachers as well? The answer has to be no right? It is expected that all teachers treat every student equally, but this does not happen and it has a lot to do with what clique the student is a part of. When a shooting occurred at Columbine High School in 1999 the first thing brought to light was that they wore trench coats and were outcasts. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered school that morning and went on a shooting rampage causing a panic throughout America regarding safety in schools. Students were not able to wear trench coats to class for a short time after the shooting. Teachers feared that anybody wearing a trench coat into their classroom was hiding a weapon or was

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