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Lord of the Flies Essay Have you ever thought about comparing the cliques of a high school to the book Lord of the Flies and the characters? If you really think about it, they both have different styles, mannerisms, and attitudes. You also get influenced very easily by your friends, as they do in Lord of the Flies. You will be amazed at the similarities from an ordinary high school to a complex book. Our student body has an extremely wide variety of cliques. Along with these cliques come different styles, decisions and mannerisms. For example, a gothic group would never befriend the preppy cheerleaders. Of course no one would expect them to be friends, it’s just known to be. For instance, in Lord of the Flies the boys separate themselves and classify themselves as the quiet one, the killer, or the leader. They all hold different statuses and its affects the relationship between the boys. For example, when Ralph makes fun of Piggy and his name, “better Piggy than fatty,” he said. In the beginning Ralph treats Piggy poorly and makes fun of him along with everyone else. As a result, the clique or group you belong to…show more content…
No one wants to be left out of the group and in order to do so, people give in to pressure either good or bad. I know by personal experiences that I have done something that was influenced by my friends that I didn’t necessarily think was right. Everyone seems to get pressured in one way or another. Peoples behavior changes when you just alone with them, rather than in a big group. In Lords of the Flies Jack tries to influence people to join his own tribe in the very end of the book. He threatens samneric into making said samneric. Jack felt the need for power and leadership so he tortured the twins and threatened their own lives. As you can see group influence each other and even those not in the group. Jack is a perfect example in Lord of the

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