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This leadership assessment paper is focused on Bill Clinton, whom served as the 42nd President of the United States. His full name is William Jefferson Clinton, born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19th, 1946. Clinton claimed presidency after the Cold War ended and is considered to be the first “Baby Boomer” presidential elect. His wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, is currently the U.S Secretary of State, they are also both graduates of Yale Law School. Bill Clinton is considered to be one of the greater leaders of our time; he has always had a natural ability to be a good leader. One of the most important qualities a good leader would require is those along the lines of competencies and skills such as interpersonal, technical, and conceptual skills. What it means to have good conceptual skills is possess the ability to analyze, anticipate, see the big picture, and use sound judgment. Bill Clinton is one who possesses the quality of all of these skills. Since a young boy throughout elementary school and high school he displayed these qualities. Throughout his young age he was an active student leader, an avid reader, and a musician. Part of having good conceptual skills is being able to have a long-range vision, meaning being able to foresee the big picture. Bill Clinton displayed this quality through his concerns for the economy; his goals were to improve unemployment rates, lower inflation, increase home ownership, improve crime rates, reduce welfare, he also had goals of supporting gay rights and improving environmental issues. Another quality that helps show Clintons conceptual skills is the fact that he won a Rhodes Scholarship to University College of Oxford where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. However he did not finish this degree because he left and transferred to Yale Law School. Notably good leaders are required to have good

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