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Clint Eastwood born on May 31st in 1930 to Clinton Eastwood Senior and Ruth Wood, he became one of the most iconic of actors and directors the world has ever seen. He has a tough on screen persona and a unique directing style. Among his best films were ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Gran Torino’. The Eastwood family moved around a lot when Clint Junior was younger as his father had many different jobs that required relocating. The family finally settled down in Piedmont, California where he attended Piedmont Junior High and Oakland Technical High. This Hollywood legend directed his first film 'Play Misty for Me' in 1971 and played the leading role. He has won many awards and nominations for his movies including several Oscars in the 'Best Director', 'Best Picture', and the 'Best Actor' categories. He has received Academy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, an American National Medal for his contribution to the arts, a Lumiere Award and many other prestigious awards and nominations. Eastwood both directed and starred in his award winning film 'Million Dollar Baby'. He plays the role of boxing trainer Frankie Dunn who takes on a girl, Margaret Fitzgerald, to train after he sees her potential and dedication to the art of boxing. After a while they establish a bond like that of father-daughter. When she decides to take on a title match against a dirty fighter, she loses and becomes paralysed from the neck down after the opposing player punched her after the bell went off. Her family tries to change her will while she is in hospital but she tells them to go away. Maggie asks Frankie to help her commit suicide as she doesn’t think her life is worth living and he gives in after a while as he can sympathise with her. He disappears after he unwillingly helps to her kill herself and goes to a little café where he and Maggie once went to together. In the

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