Clinical Pyshcology Essay

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Examination of Clinical Psychology Although the term clinical psychology was invented until the late 1800s by Lightner Whitmer its rise and history goes back to early Greek contributors. As in other branches of psychology, clinical psychology as it is known today has gone through several changes with contribution of individuals such as Wilhelm Wundt, James McKean, Alfred Binet, Carl Jung, and Sigmund Freud to name a few. Clinical psychology is the result of information that has been gathered from other disciplines such as science and philosophy. Equally important, this field is constantly evolving with the influence of clinical interventions and scientific exploration because they provide the evidence that serves as foundation to clinical psychologists to understand and treat humanity and their challenges. Despite there are several differences between clinical psychology and other branches of psychology they all serve the same purpose which is to improve and maintain the health and quality of the human mind and spirit. History of Clinical Psychology Long before the American psychologist Lightner Witmer introduced the term clinical psychology and before he opened his clinic this science had experienced significant changes. Each one of these changes provided new medical and scientific stepping stones in its development and exploration. For one thing, Greek contributors added an affluent background in the field when they acknowledged the connection between mind and body and how their well-being or illness influenced each other. Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Plato believed that the spirit controlled the human body and was responsible for its health. According to Plante (2011) together the Greeks developed a remarkable holistic perspective in which we can see many of the roots of our current beliefs on mind and body interaction in mental and physical illness” (p. 34).

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