Clinical Practice Appraisal 1

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Clinical Practice Appraisal 1
Medical Diagnosis:
Mrs Smith is am 88 year old female patient with 62Kgs. She has been living independently at home for the past 12years after the passing on of her husband. She was admitted in hospital after having a fall in her house and fractured her neck of femur (NOF) and the right clavicle. After her hip replacement she was rehabilitated but did not exhibit significant improvement and the recommendation was admission to the nursing home. Due to deterioration of her health status and reduced independence, she is wheel chair bound and requires assistance to be moved from place to place. She requires full assistance with all activities of daily living (ADLs). She can weight bear but cannot walk; therefore she is transferred by the use of a standing machine. Mrs Smith has a past medical history of frequent falls, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Hypertension, Glaucoma, multiple fractures and depression. In the recent two weeks she has lost some weight.
Nursing Assessments:
With health perception and management, she views herself as physically unhealthy due to pain experiences related to movement of the joints and the multiple fractures. Objective data includes Blood Pressure (BP) of 140/90, temperature of 360C, Pulse 82 beats/Minute and respiratory rate of 14/minute. She has a poor health self image of herself. With nutrition and metabolism, she states that she likes most of the food and has no allergies to food. Mrs Smith states that she has three full meals a day and snacks in between. She drinks tea, cordials and juices. She puts on top and bottom dentures but occasionally has pain in the gums and she would not wear them. She also states that she has a stable weight. Objective data indicate that the client has lost 3kgs in the last 2 weeks. The client has very poor appetite and has refused meals in some occasions. The client

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