Clinical Log., Reflective Diary

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FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES SCHOOL OF NURSING BNS 408: CLINICAL LOG 1 HEALTH FACILITY: BROADHURST 3 CLINIC SUPERVISOR: PROF SHAIBU STUDENT NAME: OMONTLE MOGWASI STUDENT ID: 201101826 REFLECTIVE DIARY As per mandate of this course BNS 408, which has a compulsory clinic attendance on Wednesdays and Fridays and as part of the assessment there is a school health promotion, which is my topic of interest and reflection in this article. On day 3 of our practical, my lecturer, and the other member of our group visited the primary school close to my clinic, Tsogang Primary School to introduce ourselves and to ask for permission to conduct our study in their school. We had a warm welcome from the school deputy headmaster Mrs. Mogapi , who after telling us that we should come back after she talked to the other members of the staff, raised a complaint about the service she had gotten the previous weekend when she had took her daughter to the clinic. This really brought a feeling of worry to me since the previous week the media had been complaining about the behaviors of the nurses. I was worried that maybe I had gotten into a different profession, scared and confused, wondering if I was going to bring the change to the community’s perspective of nurses. Even more so I was embarrassed to walk in public with my uniform, afraid to be labeled as the bad nurses the media has been telling the public about. And I wondered if the public appreciated what the nurses were doing for them, or they were just naming them for nothing. On day 4 we went back to get the feedback from the deputy school head, about the topics and dates to conduct our health education and response from the board members. And surprisingly, Mrs. Mogapi told us that she had forgotten to talk to other staff members about our requests. I was surprised mainly because after complaining to us about poor service at the

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