Clinical Interventions Essay

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PSY 668 Clinical Interventions with Children & Adolescents Final Examination Study Guidelines Procedures: Bring 1-2 Response Booklets to record your answers (If these are unavailable at your home campus, they will be provided for you). Write your name on the front of the response booklets and on the exam. The exam is closed book. You will have the full class period (2’ 45”) to complete the exam. However, the exam is designed to be completed in less time. Grading is based on content, not style. As long as expected information is conveyed in a coherent, legible fashion that demonstrates your understanding, credit will be given. Partial credit will be awarded. The exam is worth 40 points (out of 100 for the course). Format: Short answer (e.g., “Discuss the key defining features of token economies and the primary benefits associated with their use”). Identification & brief discussion (e.g., “Identify and briefly discuss three general considerations parents should be made aware of in terms of giving effective commands” You may also be given a description of an intervention and asked to provide the appropriate label to identify it). Outline or Describe an Intervention (e.g.,…show more content…
Additionally, review the “Problem-Solving Training” component of Robin’s program for families with teenagers (note: the four steps of this problem-solving training and an example are reviewed on two handouts provided as part of the lecture handout and on PowerPoint slide entitled Problem-Solving

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