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My Clinical Experience as a Student Practical Nurse My clinical experience has been a life changing experience for me. I have found that working in a long term care with aging adults provided several memorable clinical opportunities. It enlightened me about the special needs of people at this developmental stage. The importance of human contact for the elderly was very obvious in the center. Often many of these people had few visitors because family and relatives had passed away or they were unable to visit because of other responsibilities. The patients always appreciated someone taking an extra minute to talk with them or giving them a gentle touch on their hand. My overall feeling about this clinical experience is gratefulness. When…show more content…
It made me extremely sad to see residents under the care of the people who did not want to be there and see the interactions between the two. However, there seemed to be more employees who not only cared for the physical wellbeing of the residents but the emotional state as well. I also observed that more feeding attendants were needed during the feeding times. The workers seemed overloaded even when the practical nursing students were there but I cannot imagine what it must be like without the extra help. At the Long Term Care where I worked as a student nurse, they didn’t have as many residents as the Heimstead Lodge where I also worked as a student nurse and many health care aids ended up going home because there wasn’t enough work to go around. Another negative experience that I faced when working as a student nurse was now the employees, especially the health care aids treated me. They would come up to me at times and tell me that there was a problem or that I was doing something wrong or tell me that one of my fellow student nurse should be looking after their client. This happened at the Heimstead and soon after, the student nurses, I and our instructor moved on to the Long Term Care and the reception we got was amazing. The head of the facility greeted us and gave us a tour of the facility and told us that if we didn’t have
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