Clinical Development Day

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Clinical Development Day at Emergency Room As part of the N4123 clinical experience, I was in ER on 25th September 2013. The purpose of this paper is to increased my understanding of all health care services provided to clients and families, explore the roles of health care team in ER and to explore changes in health care practice in ER setting. I arrived at the unit on time at 7:30 am. I was assigned with one of the nurse working in ER. I came to know how the system works while people are seeking health care services from ER. When patients arrived in ER, they are categorized based on their acuity level from 1 to 5 by triage nurse at triage room. Triage level 1 are the patients who need immediate care and doctor must see them immediately. Triage level 2 are the patients who needs immediate care and doctor and nurses must see them with in 15 minutes of their arrival. Triage levels 3 are patients who need care soon and doctor and nurses should see them within next 30 minutes or so. Similarly Triage level 4 and 5 patients are patients who are bit stable and doctor and nurses see them in order as they sit and wait in waiting area. ER department try to provide care to all clients in fast pace environment based on acuity level of patients. Almost all patients seeking health care services are outpatients but some inpatients, especially from Stan Cassidy and others units come to ER only in they require immediate suture due to falls and cut. Patients with all kinds of health history seek health care services from ER. Some of the common ER services seekers are patients with heart disease, stroke, broken bones, various viral and bacterial infections, and COPD. Most of the patients seeking health care from ER do not have family doctor. I think this is one reason that people need to wait long time in ER to get services that they need. Various procedure and diagnostic tests

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