Clinical Decision Making Essay

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Clinical Decision Making Working as a Labor and Delivery nurse over the years, there have been many situations with poor outcomes. Many have been frustrating, unpredictable, or uncontrollable despite modern medicine. Often I have reflected if there was anything I may have missed, could have prevented, or could have done differently from the clinical decisions made. Many times those reflections have made me realize that maybe I should have spoken up more to a doctor about my concerns or disagreements with plan of care, or at least become more diligent with small issues that turned out to be significant, or part of a bigger picture. One scenario from work that comes to mind is a simple example of trusting your instincts and being a patient advocate. The Patients Story I can’t believe that I am 40 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I haven’t felt right all weekend, and so got sent to the hospital to get checked. The doctor told me everything was fine and quickly sent me home. Now something really doesn’t seem right, I haven’t felt the baby move since last night and have constant back pain that won’t go away. I am probably overreacting again, but my doctor’s office told me to go back to the hospital. I’ll be embarrassed if I get sent back home again, but I know something doesn’t feel right and I am worried about my baby. I feel glares as I am being pushed in a wheelchair back to the busy labor and delivery floor. Nervously, I put a hospital gown on and wait for the nurse, in too much pain to sit still. A nurse comes in and asks me what brought me in today while she puts me on a monitor to hear the baby’s heart rate and another to monitor contractions. The nurse takes my blood pressure and temperature and asks me a few more questions while looking at the monitor. She seems concerned when I tell her that I haven’t felt the baby move since yesterday. I ask
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