Clinical Assement of Jean Claude Frollo

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Identifying Information Patient: Frollo, Claude Date of birth: March 27, 1396 Dates of consultation: February 13, 1442 February 20, 1442 February 27, 1442 Age: 46 School: University of Paris Parents: Deceased Primary care physician: Dr. Tristan Barbedienne M.D. Referal Question: Claude Frollo has been referred for psychological counseling by Dr. Barbedienne, his private physician due to the possible presence of Anti-social personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder that makes him a danger to society. Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Judge Claude Frollo has a over blown sense of self-importance especially in a religious sense. He frequently refers himself as a pious, righteous man, even when his actions suggest he is the opposite. He demands admiration from those around him in particular his adopted ‘son’ Quasimodo who has been forced to call Frollo “Master”. He also has a grandiose sense of his own self-importance in raising Quasimodo painting himself as a savior for rescuing him and caring for him when in fact before he was coerced into keeping the child after he had murdered the child’s mother, he was going to drown him in a well and even then left him to grow up in a cold bell tower to avoid being saddled with him. Antisocial personality disorder: After the death of his parents Judge Claude Frollo developed a Disregard for the rights and feelings and rights of others. Due to his high IQ score he became manipulative and deceitful which helped him climb form his peasant upbringing to the head of the ministry of justice in Paris. Since his arrival he has been blatantly disregarded the rights and wellbeing of others. He regularly has people whipped for ‘disappointing’ him. After the incident where Frollo murdered Quasimodo’s mother on the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral he still insisted that his conscious was

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