To Climb Langue Barrier...

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Many people live their life with disabilities. Whether it is noticeable physical and mental disadvantage like blindness, deafness, and intellectual retardation or social disadvantage like poverty, low level of education, and race, they may need to develop special skills in order to overcome the barrier and survive like others. Being the minorities in a society, it would be more difficult to survive than minorities without abilities that make them stand out from others. In the article “The Vision Thing” by Stephen Kuusisto, the author writes that blind people are creative and resource and good listeners, and they must constantly keep track of what they learn and memorize their surroundings to make up for blindness. In order to make up for language barrier, there are special skills needed to develop: sociability and reasoning ability. To overcome language barrier, the most important ability needed is sociability. Language is one way of communicating with other people. Living in a community that does not use the person’s first language as a major language, it may mean that he or she is not able to communicate as well as others do. However, language is not the only method to communicate. To overcome the problem, they need to have special communicating skills. For example, playing sports can be one of them. According to the research from, number one thing women do that men hate is disrupting with physical activity. They feel that playing sports with others is communicating with others without words. Sports players easily move to other countries even if they do not speak the native language of that country. Physical activity can bond people without a common language. If the person easily bond with others who do not speak the same language, it is likely that he or she can learn the language more easily. Another skill needed to live in a
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