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Mouse Trap. There are many ideas and theories based on Hamlet. Most of those ideas center around the climax of the story. After doing research, I have found that no one can seem to agree on the same climax. That has to do with Shakespeare not telling the reader exactly what it is. I believe that he gave us the freedom to use our creativity and imagination to choose our own. This inspired me to see what I thought the ‘real’ climax would be. So I looked up the definition of the word…The Climax is the point in the story where the main character's point of view changes, or the most exciting/action filled part of the story. It also known as the main turning point in the story. The Mousetrap came straight to my mind after reading what a climax was. To me, it is the only true example. Everything that leads up to the dumb-show and spoken play adds suspense to what will happen next. It all ties together and adds a whole new perspective on the characters. The first part of the story that deals with Hamlet’s ghost, it shows the Claudius being a murderer, and it reveals the relationship between Hamlet and his father. The reader is able to feel the emotions of Hamlet as he speaks to his father’s ghost and gets a true understanding of the pain Hamlet is going through. After being informed about the situation, it is obvious why Hamlet is so upset and enraged at Claudius and Gertrude. The suspense leads up to the play, that’s where all the ends are Smith 2 tied together and Hamlet is for sure that he has found he’s fathers killer. Mollin, Alfred makes some good points in “On Hamlet’s Mousetrap.” Interpretation 21.3 (Spring 1994): 353-72. Mollin explains Claudius’s failed response to the dumb show and the delayed exit during The Murder of

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