Climate Justice Essay

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Climate Justice Today poor nations fear the limits on their efforts to grow economically and meeting the needs of their people. Powerful industry nations like the United States, still refuse to limit carbon excesses unless developing countries make similar sacrifices. Although developed countries are responsible for 60 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions, developing countries suffer the worst and first effects of climate-related disasters, including droughts, floods, and storms (IPCC). World leaders have seen the destruction caused by climate change, but still there is no law that brings complete justice to the climate crisis. In the films, Soylent Green and Island President, injustice is faced through human rights on the people, and both protagonist advocate and take action to find justice to the issue. The novels, Odds Against Tomorrow and The Windup Girl, injustice is presented through the representation of corporations today controlling the world. Through this paper I will discuss each work outlying the justices and injustices, and from looking at all four text it is advocacy that is the path to address environmental injustice. In the film Soylent Green, the environment is ruined by pollution and over population. Rising temperatures have caused the Earth’s resources to be scarce and depleted. Social economic status is heavily unequal, where the rich live like royalty consuming the planet’s dwindling resources, while the great mass of the population lack water resources, electricity, and sufficient homes. To keep their nutritional health stable the Soylent Corporation provides them with the food product soylent. Detective Thorn, the protagonist in the film seeks to find the truth of the Soylent Corporation after the mysterious murder of Mr. Simonson. Thorn, is the symbol of the law, he serves in order to find justice to the issue. In the film, Thorn

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