Climate Change In Scotland Essay

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The Climate Change in Scotland and the global warming profits of Al Gore Al Gore: • Vice President of the US • Author of many bestsellers ( Earth in the balance ( An Inconvenient truth ( The Assaut on Reason ( Our Choice: A Plan to solve the climate crisis • Co – Founder an Chairman of: ( Generation Investment Marketing ( Current TV • environmental activist • 2007: Nobel Peace Prize • much money for his speeches and books Scotland: Currently Changes: Under threat: → rising levels of winter rain → catastrophic lost“ of seabird → rising sea levels populations → rise in temperatures → Flowers flower three weeks earlier → river flooding → Storms ( In Scotland, the effects of climate change can be seen in raised temperature changes, increased rainfall and less snow cover. These changes have a significant impact on the growing, breeding and migration seasons, as well as species abundance and diversity. The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009: → most ambitious climate change law in the world → key commitment for the Gouvernment and places Scotland at the forefront of global efforts to tackle climate change → reduce Scotlands green house gas emissions by at least : ( 42 % by 2020 ( 80 % by 2050 → including emissions from international aviation an international shipping SEPA – Scottish Environment Protection Agency: → Scotland’s environmental regulator . → main role is to protect and improve the environment. ( We do this by being an excellent environmental regulator, helping business and industry to understand their environmental responsibilities, enabling customers to comply with legislation and good practice and to realise the many economic benefits of good environmental practice

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