Climate Change: How It Effects Humans Essay

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Vinson 1 Melissa Vinson Mrs. Totzke AP Language 27 January 2015 " Climate Change: How it Effects Humanity " There have been many theories about climate change. Some say that it doesn’t exist and some say there are cold, hard, facts that support every angle, like Bill Nye. It’s also been used as excuses for irrelevant things, for instance, the ball deflation scandal of the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots Superbowl play-off game, which is been proved impossible to have happened. Climate change is rarely taken seriously and it’s played off as a joke or a hoax. It’s time for it to be a serious problem in everyone’s lives and for people to take action against it. The Earth consists of millions of living insects, mammals, and organisms, all interacting with one another, all dependent on each other and the environment. If one thing goes awry, everything will change for the worse. Humans are notorious for changing the environment for their benefit, even if it means destroying it. These effects aren’t always noticeable right away; for instance, the burning of fossil fuels. One person driving their cars for a day is not going to have much effect, but 700 billion people driving a car everyday will most definitely cause damage, especially to the climate. (Kakoyiannis, Justin Gmoser and Alana) Once climate damage is done, it’s almost impossible to reverse. Climate change is a huge problem, not just in the United States, but globally. Vinson 2 Something commonly confused with climate change is global warming. The two are used interchangeably, although having completely different meanings. Global warming is the rise of the average global temperature; climate change is the difference in climate in difference areas over time. An effect of climate change is global warming("Global Warming vs. Climate Change) Climate change is a natural phenomena. It can change

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