Climate Change Causes And Effects Essay

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Climate change causes and effects In contemporary society, the climate change is one of the most important issues that have impacts in many aspects in human’s daily life. Climate change can be showed in three ways, global warming, acid deposition and ozone depletion. These can be caused by both natural causes and human causes and can have economic, social and environmental effects. The causes of climate change are from two major aspects. Firstly, natural causes which include ocean circulation, continental drift, volcanic eruptions solar variations and etc can cause the climate change. The other cause is due to the human activities which include green house gas, land use changes. Solar variation is one of the most important causes among natural causes. The changes in the output of sun’s energy will change the climate because sun provides the basic energy for our climate system. As for human causes, greenhouse gases are believed to be the crucial cause of the climate change. Gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and the chlorofluorocarbons used in the air conditioners and many industrial processes will lead to the greenhouse effect and therefore warm the earth. These gases are similar to the glass on a greenhouse, allowing sunlight to enter while blocking heat from escaping and finally cause the temperature to go up. Another cause is land use changes. When the land is changed to seasonal crops from forests or urban environments from urban environments, the regional climate system is altered. For example, clear-cut hillsides are significantly warmer than forests. The first effect of climate change is economic effects, and most of these effects are negative effects. The climate change will result in a loss in the country’s economy, especially those countries whose major incomes are from agriculture. Agricultural industry takes a major

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