Essay On Climate Change Causes And Effects

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Climate change causes and effects In contemporary society, the climate change is one of the most important issues that have impacts in many aspects in human’s daily life. Climate change can be showed in three ways, global warming, acid deposition and ozone depletion. These can be caused by both natural causes and human causes and can have economic, social and environmental effects. The causes of climate change are from two major aspects. Firstly, natural causes which include ocean circulation, continental drift, volcanic eruptions solar variations and etc can cause the climate change. The other cause is due to the human activities which include green house gas, land use changes. Solar variation is one of the most important causes among natural causes. The changes in the output of…show more content…
The climate change will result in a loss in the country’s economy, especially those countries whose major incomes are from agriculture. Agricultural industry takes a major part of the Australia economy and the life-blood of regional Australia. However, due to the drought in 2002-03 the gross value of agricultural production fell by 19% (around $32 billion) and reduce the GDP by around 1%. Because of the reduction in the agricultural products, the price of these products will be higher and cause a series of problems. The climate change has different impacts in different areas. In July 2009, Oxfam International released “Suffering the Science-Climate Change, People and Poverty” which concludes that trade patterns will likely shift as climate change takes hold. Richer parts of the world will receive a boost, while poorer regions suffer. Moreover, Oxfam predicted that American agricultural profits will increase by $1.3 billion per year because of climate change, while sub-Saharan Africa will lose $2 billion per year as the viability of one of the region’s staple crops, maize,
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