Climate Change Before The 1900's Essay

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Question 1: Climate Change before the 1900’s Throughout time humans have always interacted with the environment. Naturally this has caused problems because of events that have taken place. Events such as the Industrial Revolution made way new changes and major moves in production. Due to the rise of technology and overall population increase, the relationship between man and the environment has drastically changed in the period before the 1900’s. First of all, the Industrial Revolution created many changes in the work place and in overall human production. Work became highly regulated, and production moved from inside people’s homes to large factories. The idea of “Cottage Industry” slowly died. Soon steam powered factories moved…show more content…
For example there was Easter Island, which at one point was a beautiful island full of unique plants and home to thousands of animal species. This ecosystem was booming towards the seventeenth century and thought to never be tampered with. Today it remains nothingness, after being completely wiped off all usable resources. Today it remains as one of the most isolated places on the planet. “Easter Island's mysteries have spawned volumes of speculation for more than two and a half centuries, and its amazing to think that such a place could have been destroyed so easily” ( Diamond 360). Though after hundreds of years of deforestation, and depletion of all vegetation, the island gave in. Settlers had used up all of the islands resources and time was limited. After everything was used up, frustration occurred and people started fighting each other. Starvation and sickness also played a significant role at this point. Easter Island is a great example of a place where everything seemed keen and resources were immensely available. Without taking the proper steps to sustain their society, they drove themselves out of existence. This lesson can be used today, so that people remember what happened to Easter Island and don’t repeat their downfalls. In conclusion humans have affected the environment throughout time. The rise of technology and population
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