Climate Change Essay

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Write a 1,200 to 1,500 word analysis on “Global warming”, assessing its significance for Australia and stating your reasons for this judgment. The question of climate change and global warming has recently acquired unprecedented emotional impact. It seems that anxiety about a catastrophe caused by human foolishness has now focused on the uncertain future of the earth's atmosphere. Climate and especially its variability have long been among the major environmental factors with which man has had to compete with. During the past few years, there have been reports of persistent cooling trends, severe droughts, monsoon rains, and devastating storms. Some scientists have interpreted these events as showing that the global climate is changing in such a way as to make conditions for man more difficult. The direct impact of a warmer climate include rising sea levels and coastal inundation, impacts related to weather events include the frequency and intensity of droughts, flooding, tropical cyclones etc. Many of these challenges faced from living in a warmer Australia result from the regional climate change and even from the amount of pollutants emitted. A year of extreme weather events has presented clear indications of human pressures on the planet while a devastating tsunami revealed the earth’s continuing vulnerability. An unprecedented rise in carbon dioxide levels coincided with stronger evidence of melting glaciers and ice caps, alarming surveys of the rates of species loss converged with studies showing just how much human numbers and levels of consumption are impacting. It would appear that the planet's capacity to meet human needs is currently creating devastating effects for the earth’s population. This essay will explore the significant consequences that global warming is having on the earth focusing on Australia; including the effects on the Australian

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