Climate Change Essay

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Climate change is a serious issue that has had a devastating impact on communities and environments around the world. Australia is no exception. Climate change is caused by the trapping of excess carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere. The carbon heats up, causing the Earth’s climate patterns to change which dramatically increases average temperatures which affects habitats of many animals from the sea, land and our cities. The drastic rise in temperature is what is triggering sea levels to rise threatening many coastal regions around the world. The big polluters including the USA, China, Japan, India and Australia must be held accountable for their emissions. Over the years numerous international conferences have been held to discuss climate change and the problems associated with it. In 1997 the Kyoto Protocol was established followed by a Climate Change conference in Copenhagen. These conferences encouraged countries to set emission limits or impose carbon taxes. Unfortunately these limits have not been met by many big polluters. With global warming and rising sea levels having very real effects on the world right now- we must question our own actions and ask – what are we doing to stop climate change? The issue of climate change is of grave concern to all citizens of the world. Even though not everyone is aware of the effects of climate change and some even deny its existence, climate change continues to happen with devastating results. Average temperatures have been increasing dramatically, last year was Australia’s hottest year on record, average temperatures were 1.2 degrees above average, with the hottest national average being 40.3oC and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology says that this year it will be even worse. Global sea levels have increased by 225mm then what they were in 1880. The Bureau of Meteorology state the largest contributions to rising sea

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