Climate Change Essay

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A. Questions 1 – 15. Read the following interview and then choose the correct answers. Why Hire a Matchmaker? Bride Magazine: | So what is your background? | Selma Wilcott: | I have a degree in psychology and fifteen years of experience helping people find a marriage partner. | Bride Magazine: | Why should people pay a matchmaker to find them a spouse? | Selma Wilcott: | Well, when you meet someone at work, or at a party, often the first thing connecting you to that person is physical attraction or something simple you have in common. It is unlikely that everlasting love will come out of that situation. It does sometimes, but that is usually by chance. More often it ends with someone having a broken heart. When you work with a matchmaker, you can avoid a lot of that. | Bride Magazine: | How do you help your clients? | Selma Wilcott: | First, I interview the person and decide what characteristics he or she needs in a spouse. This is where my background in psychology is important. After that, I start looking for the perfect match, and when I have a good one, I introduce them. | Bride Magazine: | How often are your matches successful? | Selma Wilcott: | I'm proud of my work--more than 70 percent of my clients become engaged after they work with me. | Bride Magazine: | That's impressive. Some people say going to a matchmaker isn't romantic. What do you think about that? | Selma Wilcott: | Falling in love with the right person will always be romantic, no matter how and where you meet each other. | Bride Magazine: | Last question--what is your opinion of arranged marriage? | Selma Wilcott: | (laughs) Well, some people think it isn't modern, but in truth, it produces a lot of happy couples. Really, it isn't that different from what I do here. | 1. Selma is a __________. | a. reporter | b. psychologist | c. matchmaker | d. interviewer |

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