Climate Change Essay

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Joseph Wesoloski Geology Term Paper October 6, 2011 Climate Change The phenomenon of global climate change is a worldly crisis that has become an extremely important global issue in recent years, developing into a major topic of debate in the most recent presidential election. The concepts of recycling, living sustainably, producing fewer greenhouse gases, and the need to conserve our resources has been instilled in the minds of Americans through ‘go green’ campaign. It is a known fact that the average global temperatures have increased over the last 200 years, but the causes of global warming and climate change are under continuous public and political debate. This essay will investigate the implications of global climate change, it’s essential to understand that there is still time to avoid the worst impacts if we take responsibility for our planet and take strong action now rather than later. The scientific evidence is now overwhelming; global climate change is a serious threat to the health of planet earth and the life that resides there. A problem that demands immediate attention, plan, and response, climate change will affect the basic elements of life for people around the world such as access to water, food production, health, and clean air to breath. This paper will look at the issue of global climate change and discuss its origin, effects and discuss who is responsible for it. This problem must be considered from ecological, environmental, geologic, and socio-economic perspective. It is essential to consider how the ecological effects of climate change effect human populations, for example declining crop yield, increases in tropical diseases and disease vectors, ocean acidification and the resulting decrease in fishery yields. The general loss of biodiversity also affects human populations greatly. About 25% of current pharmaceuticals are

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