Climate Change Essay

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Ashley Petersen Nicholas Dryden English 3 November 2013 Climate Change Connected to Health Risk Throughout this paper I plan on making main points that include the connections between climate change and human health, what scientists believe is the cause for the risks that are being created, and how past climate issues are connected to present and future health risks. I will be supporting my main points by using multiple scientific articles that help support the main points of my thesis. I plan on using multiple sources from a scholastic search of articles from Wichita State University's library. These will primarily be professional journal articles. The paper's organization will begin with the background of climate change's effect on diseases, especially malaria. Malaria will be discussed as an example of how the problem can be applied to other diseases which are vulnerable to climate change. The past solutions to the problem will be explored along with a description of the current situation. The possible risks will be addressed including possible solutions to the problem. Counter arguments will also be discussed and refutations will come from the research articles. The conclusion will cover what needs to be done to reduce the risks. Thesis: Climate change is a leading cause of worsening major health risks, such as malaria, that need to be watched and controlled. Annotated Bibliography Martens, Willem J.M., Louis W. Niessen, Jan Rotmans, Theo H. Jetten, and Anthony J. McMichael. "Potential Impact of Global Climate Change on Malaria Risk." Environmental Health Perspectives 103.5 (1995): 458-64. Web. 28 Oct. 2013. In the article “Potential Impact of Global Climate Change on Malaria Risk” the authors show their concerns with the spreading of Malaria. One concern is the mosquito population, and how they create great threat to the spread of the disease.

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