Climate Change Essay

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TOPIC: CLIMATE CHANGE 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Objective of understanding climate change 1.2 Definition of Climate 1.3 Definition of climate change 1.4 Current situation of Climate change 2.0 Main content 2.1Causes of climate change 2.2 effect of climate change 2.3 measures to control climate change 3.0 Conclusion 3.1 Recommendation 3.2 Conclusion 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Objective of understanding climate change. - Provide knowledge to rural people on the causes of climate change - Aims to analyze the specific impact of climate change - Explore the indigenous knowledge concerning climate change - Recommendation towards reducing climate change 1.2 Climate Refers to the characteristic conditions of the earth’s lower surface atmosphere at a specific location. 1.3 Climate change Is a long-term shift or alteration in the climate of a specific location, region or the entire planet, the shift is measured by changes in some or all of the features associated with average weather, such as temperature, wind patterns and precipitation. It can involve both changes in average weather conditions and changes in how much the weather varies about these averages. “Climate change” is distinguished from “climate variability” by the persistence of the change over time so that a measurable difference is observed between two periods of time (Environment Canada, 2008). Is a serious issue facing all people of the world today. It is well established that the earth’s climate is changing rapidly, the pace of that change has been caused largely by human activities, and those changes will have harmful effects on human activities and ecological systems. ‘Climate change’ is generally used to refer to

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