Climate Change Essay

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Importance of key events or factors which have brought climate change into the development agenda during the last decade. Introduction: Climate change operating from a pure science field and development from a social science stream had till recently nothing much in common. Now, it is increasingly felt that both the fields should integrate and work towards the challenges posed by climate change to a successful progress and achievements of the development initiatives. The impacts of climate change can affect the successful pace of development programmes and conversely the way development occurs has also far reaching repercussions on climate change. Both have a symbiotic relationship. There have been many key events and developments in the past couple of decades more so in the last decade that really highlighted the issue of climate change and its outcome on development processes and made the world realise the importance and urgency to act. This essay will give a brief background on the events that preceded the last decade before evaluating the events and factors of this decade. Firstly, climate policies focussing on major Inter Governmental Penal on Climate Change (IPCC) and United Nations Framework on Climate Change Policies (UNFCCC) events will be taken up. Then, extreme events that caught the attention of the world as a consequence of climate change will be evaluated including the impact of mass media and movies. Before concluding key publications and regional and state level initiatives will also be covered. All the sections focus on main influences that were important in highlighting the issue of climate change into the core sector of development enabling appropriate action from concerned quarters. Background: It is not prudent for scientists to continually stick on climate change and its impact as a field of pure science and ignore its implications on the

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