Climate Change Essay

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Ag and the Environment Justification Paper “I feel that we should not only maintain gentle, peaceful relations with our fellow human beings bur also that is very important to extend the same kind of attitude toward the natural environment.” Al Gore No matter if you want to believe it or not climate change is real. It has been a very prevalent force in the last few years, and has been very apparent in regions such as The South. Climate Change is termed as any change in global temperatures and precipitation over time due to natural variability or to human activity. Warm temperatures can increase water and air pollution, which can ultimately result in damaging human health. This issue is becoming a more and more talked about issue, if it’s not real than people would not be fretting over this issue. In this short essay, I will give you some key examples that Climate change is prevalent, along with some indicators that can help you gauge climate change, and finally give you some advice on how you can be proactive in stopping climate change. Over the past few years weather has been breaking records. For example, the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina was unreal, and was one of the most detrimental hurricanes in decades. Tsunamis have been ever so violent and prevalent in the past few years. Tornado outbreaks ripped through Central and Southern U.S this summer and spring, things are all pointing toward a change. Temperatures have soared to record highs over the past few summers, and also dropped to record lows in the winter, what is causing this? People say it’s just a coincidence- No big deal! THEY SAY. Well I say there is a definite problem and people need to associate themselves with this issue and become proactive in doing their part to help and harbor this situation. The Earth's climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 650,000 years there have

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