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Climate Change Essay

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Comparison essay for climate change articles.
In this essay I will be discussing the purpose of the articles and how they differ in ways such as; audiences they target, tone they send out, if it is formal or informal and how they show this I.E language; how it is worded and if it will have any impact on peoples actions towards energy saving. Finally, key points I have thought throughout my essay and a summary of points made.
To start, the purpose of the leaflet-what can we do about climate change, shows clearly as possible, how climate change is changing our lives, and what are the consequences for our actions with fossil fuels and wasting energy etc. More importantly it shows and explains what we can do, and how everyone can prevent these devastating global changes. In contrast the report-climate change: A summary of the science, shows in detail (more than the leaflet), the facts and analysis’ of all the scientific data concerning climate change. Unlike the leaflet it doesn’t give any advice on how we can help prevent global change, it gives scientific facts with graphs and survey data, which links into the next point; audience.
The target audience of the report is specifically aimed at the scientific community, shown through its scientific jargon. We see very explicit scientific words which perhaps only people with specific knowledge would understand. It also gives very detailed graphs and research on causes and the extent of the climate change, plus it also gives opinions of other scientists and their analysis’, which may be of use to the chosen audience for any research they may want to do. In contrast to this, the leaflet would attract an audience of the everyday person, this is clearly shown by the short yet descriptive points it provides which would make it easier to understand so they can change the way they use up energy.
The tone of the two reports differ considerably e.g. first of all the leaflet represents a friendly, familiar tone, which makes...

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