Climate Chanfe in Australiaa Essay

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Climate Change; “a change in global climate patterns, attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.” Climate change is evident around the world. It is a global issue that needs to be addressed with serious concern, but what is Australia doing to counter-attack climate change and what is Australia doing to cause this dramatic change in global climate patterns? Why? With a majority; approximately 85-95% of esteemed scientist backing the theory that climate change is largely human induced and closely linked to the industrial revolution and the burning of fossil fuels, it is hard to argue with the facts and evidence that supports their claim. The large consumption and combustion of fossil fuels is releasing increasingly concentrated levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing heat to become trapped on the Earth’s surface, creating a warmer environment around the globe. Although carbon dioxide is naturally occurring in the environment, needed to keep the Earth at such a temperature that is warm enough for plants and animals to survive, with the industrial revolution, more concentrated levels of the gas are being released. This graph, depicting the rise of Carbon Dioxide emission into the atmosphere is based on the atmospheric samples obtained from ice cores. The graph shows, currently, in comparison to hundreds of thousands of years ago, the quantity of carbon dioxide released, has increased significantly, with particularly high emissions post industrial revolution. Climate change in Australia, will lead to many effects on both the Australian environment and the people that are within it. Effects that are likely to arise as a result of climate change, if they have not already arisen, include problems such as; increases in the temperature due to a layer of gases, including that

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