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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: General topic of Climate During the last few decades climate change has become one of the most discussed matters among people. Climate has attracted a lot of attention due to its drastic changes and horrible consequences it had caused. Nowadays, people fear climatic changes of any kind for every time they bring major destruction and take a lot of human lives. However, what can people simply know about climate and why it becomes a destructive force? This information and the other facts can be found in modern scientific and meteorological publications on the shelves of every other bookstore. According to Andrew Emory Dessler in his book Introduction to modern climate change, there is a certain difference between climate and weather. The American Meteorological Society defines climate as “the slowly varying aspects of the atmosphere – hydrosphere – land surface system”, which is characterized “in terms of suitable averages of the climate system over periods of a month or more, taking into consideration the variability in time of these average quantities”. This long and ambiguous definition can be explained in simpler words and Dressler contrasts it by citing Mark Twain, “Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get” (Dessler). Referring to weather one presumes the actual state of the atmosphere at a particular time. However, climate is used for statistical description of the weather over a period of time such as few decades (Dessler). There are two common interpretations of climatic changes. One of them is a seasonal change over the year in most locations, which experience significant temperature variations. The American Meteorology Society defines such climatic changes as “any systematic change[s] in the long-term statistics of climate elements – temperature, pressure, or winds, sustained over several

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