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Impacts of climate change Climate change is a threat to mankind! Since the end of the 19th century the earth's average surface temperature has increased by 0.3-0.6 °C. Over the last 40 years, the rise has been 0.2-0.3 °C. Recent years have been the warmest since 1860, the year when regular instrumental records became available. Some important aspects of our lives can be affected through changes in weather patterns and some of these are discussed here. Agriculture The steadily-increasing human population has led to a rise in the demand for food. As more land comes under agricultural cultivation there will be more pressure on natural ecosystems. Climate change will affect agricultural yield directly because of alterations in temperature and rainfall, and indirectly through changes in soil quality, pests, and diseases. In particular, the yield of cereals is expected to decline in India, Africa, and the Middle East. As the temperature rises conditions will become more favourable for pests such as grasshoppers to complete a number of reproduction cycles thereby increasing their population. In the higher latitudes (in the northern countries) agriculture will benefit with the rise in temperature as the winter season will be shorter and the growing seasons longer. This will also mean that pests that will move towards the higher latitudes as the temperatures rise. Extreme weather conditions such as high temperature, heavy rainfall, floods, droughts, etc. will also affect crop production. Weather A warmer climate will change rainfall and snowfall patterns, lead to increased droughts and floods, cause melting of glaciers and polar ice sheets, and result in accelerated sea- level rise. Rising warmth will lead to an increase in the level of evaporation of surface water; the air will also expand and this will increase its capacity to hold moisture. This, in turn, will

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