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Imagine a world without glaciers. It may not sound bad, but if all of the glaciers were to melt into the oceans, there would be several wonderful places that would be submerged completely in water. Florida, Hawaii, parts of California, and many other places would be lost forever. This is where we’re headed; this is where Climate Change is taking us. If we are unable to turn this process around, the impacts will be devastating. Climate Change is a really issue and it needs to be addressed before it’s too late! There are many factors that negatively impact the world’s climate. Some of the main contributors are greenhouse gases. There are several different greenhouse gases. The best known is probably carbon dioxide which is produced by fossil fuels, solid waste, trees, wood, and chemical reactions (Living Green: Pollution). Carbon dioxide is the biggest greenhouse gas contributor to climate change; it is the main culprit for global warming. Carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere and traps the sun’s heat in a process called the Greenhouse Effect (Living Green: Pollution). This causes an overall warmer planet because the heat cannot escape the atmosphere. Another greenhouse gas is methane, which is produced by coal, natural gas, oil, and organic waste (Living Green: Pollution). Methane is usually produced by livestock in factory farms such as cows. Nitrous oxide is the third main greenhouse gas, and it’s produced by agricultural and industrial activities, the burning of fossil fuels and solid waste (Living Green: Pollution). Another main contributor to climate change is our transportation system. Today, there is one automobile for every 7 people on the planet; 900 million of those are cars (Living Green: Pollution). Scientists expect 1.2 billion automobiles by the year 2020 (Living Green: Pollution). Airlines and ships are also big contributors. “One large

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